Name: Hiro
Occupation: TechOps Engineer at an AdTech Start-Up
Education: Master’s Degree in Special Education
Other Hats: Disability Advocate, Bilingual Academic Tutor, Minimalist-In-Making, Writer, Photographer

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What’s in a Name?

I began this blog in 2015 to chronicle my journey as a Brain Injury Survivor, withthe #MyBrainInjuryJourney Project. The project’s intention was to take you through my journey as a Brain Injury, Craniotomy, Seizure Disorder, and Arteriovenous Malformation (AVM) survivor.

I was diagnosed with AVM in July 2011, and had craniotomy in December 2011, as a senior in college.  I’ve written about my experience at Medium.

The name Twisted Paths came from both my extremely “tangled” life, and the fact that an AVM is essentially a “tangle/mass of overgrown blood vessels.”

In July, 2017, I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis after months of suffering through undiagnosed Chronic Pain.

I have both Physical and Invisible Disabilities, and I am proud of my identity.  I am currently working to help eradicate the stigma against people with disabilities, and looking for ways to facilitate liaison between the workforce and disability to allow more of us to be gainfully employed.  I am a member of Diversability, and am the founder of Burgundy for Life.

I’m mildly Aphasic, so please excuse my long-winded run-on sentences! Aphasia is one of the reason why I read so much.  I’m always open for book recommendations! Leave me one in the comments!

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