I am a product of coincidences, surprises, and unexpected turn of events (apparently even my conception was a surprise, but that’s neither here nor there). I work in IT, and spend most of my “free” time running, reading, writing, and eating. I enjoy photography and furry animals.

A month and a half before my 22nd birthday, I had my first Grand Mal Seizure. A month after I turned 22, I was diagnosed with Cerebral Arteriovenous Malformation. Given the fact that the Venous Malformations were in my frontal lobe, and being so young (the lifetime risk of a hemorrhagic stroke was quite high), I elected to have a Craniotomy during winter break of my senior year of college.  This happened on December 2011, and I am happy to say that I have been AVM-Free since then.

In 2012, I founded Burgundy for Life to create a community and resource/support base for Vascular Malformation, Stroke, and Brain Injury Survivors.  We have a thriving community on Facebook.

In 2013, I graduated with my B.S. in Special Education. In 2014, I received my M.Ed. in Special Education, and moved to New York. By the end of 2014, I began my unexpected career in IT.

In 2016, I began a Running Challenge for AVM Awareness: Steps for Burgundy.  I have pledged to run 25 miles in races (from years of couch potato-ism) in 2016, and I’m off to a flying start! Just hoping I’m not going to get injured any time soon to cut off my ambitions!! You can follow me on my Blog or Facebook Page!

★ December 2015: My Photographic Journey of Brain Surgery Recovery || Photographic visualization of my 4 years of Brain Injury Journey
January 2016 Start: #MyBrainInjuryJourney Project || Series of blog posts recounting my experiences with Brain Injury since my Craniotomy
★ Tag: Slice of Life || Lifestyle blog entries

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Chronicling my journey as I piece together my life after brain injury, sustained from the Craniotomy in 2011.
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