I love challenges and quests.  I feel so lost and uninspired when I’m not actively working towards a quantifiable goal, so I am always full of new Challenge ideas.

These are some Challenges are some I’ve come up with, participating in, or looking into doing soon.  If I’ve personally done it myself or started a challenge and wrote about it, I will be linking to the post on the challenge title.  Feel free to take any idea to adapt yourself, and let me know how it went!

If you are blogging/vlogging about it, it would be great if you could link back to this blog so people can get inspired themselves with a lot of different topics as well.  I am looking forward to doing a link-up of blog/vlog posts of other bloggers participating in challenges, so definitely drop me a line if any of them look interesting!

Daily Challenges

Occurs on certain days, or on certain days of the week

  • #NoSpendMonday
  • #YogaTuesday
  • #MindfulWednesday
  • #WeightyThursday

Habit Challenges

Habit-forming challenges, to be done daily

  • Weekday Morning Routine Challenge
  • Daily Meditation Challenge

Weekly Challenges

Challenges that last a week (work week or 7 day week)

  • #MindfulnessChallenge
  • $50 Budget Challenge
  • No Spend Week Challenge
  • Detox Challenge
  • Social Media Challenge
  • Daily Walking Challenge

Monthly Challenges

Challenges that last for 4 weeks or a month (I like 4 weeks because it’s generally “cleaner” than a month, which could range from 29-31 days, and often doesn’t start on a Sunday or Monday)

  • $400 Budget Challenge
  • $200 Budget Challenge
  • 1 Paycheck Challenge
  • $10/Day Challenge (Save $300+ in just 1 month)

Annual Challenges

  • $20 Weekly Saving Challenge (Save $1040k/yr)
  • $5/Day Saving Challenge (Save $1820/yr)

Lifestyle Challenges

Challenges that have no “end date” with miscellaneous frequencies

  • Monthly Community Service Challenge

Got a Cool Challenge Idea?

Have a Challenge idea?  Think I should try something? Want to join in on a Challenge, or want me to Co-Host a Challenge with you? Let me know through the Contact Form below!