How I became an AWS Cloud Practitioner in 2 weeks #awsnewbies

How I became an AWS Cloud Practitioner in 2 weeks #awsnewbies

Last Friday, I finally sat in, and passed, the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Exam after 2 weeks of studying with a score of 908/1000.  I finally feel one official step closer to my next career goal of becoming a Cloud Engineer/Administrator.

AWS: Amazon Web Services

AWS is the On-Demand Cloud Computing Platform that Amazon founded in 2006.  It’s the biggest force in Cloud Computing field right now, with Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud trying to catch up.  Those two will likely not catch up any time soon, as AWS has such a huge marketshare.

It can be used by normal people, companies, and governments, and utilizes a paid subscription model.  It’s like having loads of data centers and softwares and services available to you at a touch of a button instead of you having to go buy all the hardware and hook it up.

There is very limited maintenance required as opposed to the normal on-premise computing, so it saves you a lot of money.  The more I learn about AWS, the more I’m fascinated with how much potential the platform has.

You can learn more about AWS in a previous post I wrote about Amazon Web Services.

Certified Cloud Practitioner

AWS has numerous certifications to prove that you have competencies in certain capacities.  Being a Cloud Practitioner shows that you have “knowledge and skills necessary to effectively demonstrate an overall understanding of the AWS Cloud.”  They recommend you have basic IT knowledge and at least 6 months experience in the AWS Cloud in some sort of capacity.

I began poking around in AWS in mid-June, after committing to the exam with my then-manager.  I started taking online courses, and while the one I was taking was very good, with dozens and dozens of different services (with at least half a dozen starting with “Cloud_____”), almost everything was going way over my head.

It took until I actually registered for the exam at the end of August for me to really buckle down and figure out how to study for it, because taking a course and taking notes just wasn’t cutting it.  I had a whole notebook full of notes.  But I didn’t have any of the concepts or services or billing information in retained.

And I had just 2 weeks until the exam. (Because I play life on danger level, obviously.)

AWS Cloud Practitioner

Certified Cloud Practitioner Exam Study Guide

How I Studied: By Teaching

The way I decided to study was a very “Me” way.  By becoming a teacher.

I was looking for resources where concepts were broken down for people with absolutely no background in Cloud Computing or AWS could easily understand.  I was looking for websites or books or flashcards that can provide me mnemonics or list of short descriptions of the few dozen core services that I needed to know for the certification exam.

I couldn’t find any.  So there was clearly a need.

To study, I created what I wanted.  In 1.5 weeks before my exam, I created AWS Newbies to serve as study guide and reference aide for “AWS Newbies” like myself, who have never touched Cloud Computing before.

Of course, it’s hosted on AWS!  And I wrote a tutorial on how one can create a WordPress site on AWS EC2 in 30 minutes.

I wrote 35+ articles in a week and a half, and used my own notes to study for the exam.  I don’t think I’ve ever written as many articles as I had last week!

I also took a bunch of practice exams, same few over and over again, to get used to the question formats and the time limit.

Now What?

Now, I’ve begun studying for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate Exam.  This is the “big ticket” exam that I initially wanted to pass, but my manager had convinced me to start out with the Cloud Practitioner exam.

So the next few months will be spent studying for this exam, and learning more about AWS.

And this time, I know from the beginning what works for me in terms of studying efficiently, so hopefully I won’t have to learn the whole entire length of the exam in 2 weeks!

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