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I’m not in a Financial field, nor have I ever studied the “Money Stuff.”  However, I feel like Financial Literacy is something that is extremely important, and not discussed enough, especially with people in my generation.  We are expected to come out from school, and immediately know how to manage money, and budget, pay taxes, and understand how to save money.

Clearly, it’s not working, and most of us are not saving any money.  Or is it?  Who knows.  There seems to be an article coming out every few weeks telling us we either save too much or don’t save enough, have too much credit card debt, or too much student debt (wow, who’s surprised?).

Since society tells us not to talk about money, I’m going to talk about it.

I’ve struggled with money, money anxiety, and feeling of never having enough, which began when I moved to NYC and “freelanced” as a tutor and babysitter to make ends meet while I looked for a job.  It took me half a year to land my first full time job, but that was $14/hr for the first 3 months, only going up to a whooping salary of $37k/yr.  In NYC.

I worked as a tutor 3 nights a week, pulling in basically another whole paycheck, and hustled my way through life for the next year and a half.  Because of the way I started, even though I switched jobs multiple times, and my salary has gone up every time, I am left with sense of dread and anxiety about money, and whether I will ever have enough.  Even with a fairly decent nest egg I have (mostly in my investment account), I am still afraid.

I’ve been looking into a lot of financial resources recently, because I am tired of feeling out of control and afraid of my financial situation.  I want to take control, and have confidence that I am on the right track.  So here I am, logging my trek down the windy and scary road to financial security.

I hope to accumulate  financial self-help articles, resources, and anecdotes that will hopefully help you reach some sort of financial security as well.

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