I love challenges and quests.  I feel so lost and uninspired when I’m not actively working towards a quantifiable goal, so I am always full of new Challenge ideas.

My Challenge-Related Posts

Challenge Ideas

These are some Challenges are some I’ve come up with, participating in, or looking into doing soon.  If I’ve personally done it myself or started a challenge and wrote about it, I will be linking to the post on the challenge title.  Feel free to take any idea to adapt yourself, and let me know how it went!

I am looking forward to doing a link-up of blog/vlog posts of other bloggers participating in challenges, so definitely drop me a line if any of them look interesting!

Daily Challenges

Occurs on certain days, or on certain days of the week

  • #NoSpendMonday
  • #YogaTuesday
  • #MindfulWednesday
  • #WeightyThursday

Habit Challenges

Habit-forming challenges, to be done daily

  • Weekday Morning Routine Challenge
  • Daily Meditation Challenge

Weekly Challenges

Challenges that last a week (work week or 7 day week)

  • #MindfulnessChallenge
  • $50 Budget Challenge
  • No Spend Week Challenge
  • Detox Challenge
  • Social Media Challenge
  • Daily Walking Challenge

Monthly Challenges

Challenges that last for 4 weeks or a month (I like 4 weeks because it’s generally “cleaner” than a month, which could range from 29-31 days, and often doesn’t start on a Sunday or Monday)

Annual Challenges

  • $20 Weekly Saving Challenge (Save $1040k/yr)
  • $5/Day Saving Challenge (Save $1820/yr)

Development Challenges

Lifestyle Challenges

Challenges that have no “end date” with miscellaneous frequencies

  • Monthly Community Service Challenge
  • Monthly Charity Donation Challenge

Got a Cool Challenge Idea?

Have a Challenge idea?  Think I should try something? Want to join in on a Challenge, or want me to Co-Host a Challenge with you? Let me know through the Contact Form below!


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