I very often write about Disability on Twisted Paths.  I have deep interests in the realms of Disability Education, Disability Rights, and Workforce (Re)Integration. I have a Bachelor of Science and Master’s of Education degrees in Special Education, and in the future, I hope to work in the field of Adaptive Technology, integrating technology with education.

Navigating this world as a person with disabilities or caretaker is, needless to say, very difficult.  Our lives and experiences are most often left in the dark, because popular culture doesn’t like the story of an “incurable.”

This blog is my little corner of the web where I talk about disability, my life, and the realities of living in an Ableist World as a Disabled Person.

I am a contributing author at The Mighty, and founder of Burgundy for Life, a vascular malformation and brain injury advocacy organization.

#MyBrainInjuryJourney is a series of posts recounting my experiences following my Craniotomy, and the resulting Brain Injury.  I have been an AVM Survivor since December 2011.

Disability and Me

I personally identify as a person with multiple Invisible Disabilities.

My laundry list of diagnoses:
Aphasia, Anxiety Disorder,
Brain Injury, Executive Function Disorder,

Panic Disorder, Rheumatoid Arthritis

Diagnoses that I had in the past:
Arteriovenous Malformation, Seizure Disorder,
Non-Epileptic Seizure Disorder, Akathisia,
Bipolar Disorder, Clinical Depression
(mostly directly associated with AVMs or the Brain Injury resulting from removal of AVMs)

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